• Customer case 2

    11 Oktober 2017
  • Customer Case:

    6 employees in a local cleaning company performing various tasks. The company has a carpool with 3 cars that is used daily by all the employees in order to transport themselves and equipment between assignments. The company’s employees do experience recurring problems with wear and tear and stressful working days.


      • 1 hour E-learning in Road safety & Eco driving
      • 3 hours teacher-led training in ergonomics at the customer’s site
      • 1 full day with training in Work Environment & Stress Management


    Even for a small company, difficulties easily arise when attempting to create a safe and healthy workplace. Since a small company doesn’t have the same resources as a larger company, an effective plan is needed. A solution that does not result in the company’s daily operations being adversely affected. In this case we offered a mix between e-learning and practical training to focus on a resource-effective training. Since all our teacher-led courses can be completed both on weekends and at nights, we chose to carry out the teacher-led trainings on a weekend when the company already was gathered for a kick off.