• How to create a road safety policy? – Receive templates & examples

    12 Oktober 2018
  • How to create a road safety policy?

    Creating a road safety policy can easily become a large and complicated task. It requires great knowledge both in road safety, risk assessments and the drivers’ experiences to be able to create a road safety policy that follows the national Work Environment Authority’s requirements. We have the solution to make it easy and resource efficient for you.

    What is a road safety policy?

    The road safety policy is a mandatory part of the company’s systematic work environment management. The actual making of the policy is also an important and required step in the effort to minimize the risks of ill health and accidents at work. The road safety policy must be a result of your specific risk assessment / risk analysis carried out in your organization. The policy must also contain clear & measurable goals for how identified risks are to be prevented and minimized. The road safety policy must state both how the employer plan to proceed in order to minimize the risks related to road traffic, as well as what expectations and demands are placed on the employees who drive a company vehicle.

    Is our company required to have a road safety policy?

    The rules may vary between countries, here is the requirements from the Swedish Work Environment Authority. “There must be a work environment policy that describes how the working conditions must be in order to prevent ill health and accidents at work as well as to achieve a satisfactory work environment.” The work environment policy and routines must be documented in writing if there are at least ten employees in the business. ”

    How to create a road safety policy?

    If there is sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of road safety internally in the organization, then you have the choice to either create the road safety policy on your own, or to get help from an external partner. It is important that the policy is not “copied” from another company or straight from a template. The road safety policy should always be based on your specific risk inventory, otherwise the road safety policy is neither relevant nor approved. However, templates may be used as an inspiration or base for your specific road safety policy.

    Receive templates, tips and examples of how to create a road safety policy yourself

    Receive a complete handling of all the systematic work environment management regarding road traffic. Includes, among other things: Risk inventory, risk analysis, road safety policy, action plan & follow-up.

    The employer must also ensure:

    • That the person who creates the policy and produce the risk analysis has sufficient knowledge in road safety.
    • That employees have the opportunity to be involved in the creation of the road safety policy
    • That all drivers have been informed of the policy in a way that has created knowledge & understanding of the reasons behind the policy.
    • That all drivers have the knowledge and risk awareness required to prevent ill health and accidents in traffic.

    What is the best practice to communicate the company’s road safety policy?

    Our recommendation is to present the road safety policy in connection with a road safety training. The training can either be done web-based where you can also insert the policy at the learning platform, or as a teacher-led driver training where the course leader goes through the policy and opens up for questions and discussion.

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