• Social Responsibility

  • We think it should be easy to be a responsible and caring employer. 2017 we started a process towards this goal, we created a online platform with online educations and risk analysis. Because today it is almost a matter of course for all employees in many countries to have access to a computer or iPad.

    Who takes responsibility for those who has nothing?

    Just as naturally it should be for us whom have free education and advanced training paid by our employers to contribute for those who live a life far away from computers and iPads. Where kids aren´t allowed to go to school because they must work, or because they have the “wrong” gender, or because the school no longer exist.

    For every sold e-learning we therefore, together with you and UNICEF contributes to an increased opportunity for exposed children to attend school, and perhaps, a possibility to affect their future. 

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    2020 Safe@Work Environmental & Sustainability policy

    • 1 license = School package for 2 children.

    • For children afflicted by catastrophe school might be the best medicine to process traumatic experiences. UNICEF builds schools and makes sure that children get the much-needed school materiel. For the children to feel secure and to get back their belief in a positive future it is important that life revert to normal as quick as possible and that they can get back in school.

    • 50 licenses = 1 year of school

    • Nepal is one of the poorest countries. Many of the countries young girls are not allowed to be in school, only because they are girls. Often, they must work to provide for their family. UNICEF is there to fight for a change. Schools with informal education gives children who has to work a opportunity for education. The project has provided for a new chance to tens of thousands exposed children In Nepal

    • 250 licenses = A portable school for up to 40 children.

    • School-in-a-box makes it possible to start a simpler school in just 15 minutes, anywhere. Children in catastrophe areas can therefore quickly be tutored again and gets a chance for serenity and calmness after their lives has been tore down. School can often be the best medicine for children with awful experiences, and one single box is enough to tutor 40 children.