• Statistics on road traffic accidents in Sweden

    21 Januari 2019
  • Statistik över trafikolyckor i Sverige
  • 2017 was described as a success year. Not since the 1940s such a low number of people died on Swedish roads – 253 people. However, statistics on road-traffic accidents in 2018 shows that the journey towards Vision Zero is difficult to achieve

    2018 was a dark year regarding road safety in Sweden. Statistics on road traffic accidents in Sweden from the Swedish Transport Agency show that 325 people were killed in traffic in 2018. Of these, 209 consisted of “protected road users”, such as people traveling in cars and trucks, while 116 “unprotected road users” (motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, scooter drivers etc.) died. The months of July, November and December were particularly affected by fatal accidents.

    Men overrepresented in the statistics of casualties from road traffic accidents in Sweden

    Statistics on road-traffic accidents in Sweden are clear – men are overrepresented when it comes to police-reported road traffic accidents with fatal outcome as well as accidents where those involved were seriously or mildly injured. Of 325 killed, 253 were men and only 72 were women.

    The number of accidents with personal injuries was low in 2017

    But far from all traffic accidents, fortunately results in a fatal outcome. Out of a total of 14 849 accidents with injuries on a person in 2017, the outcome in 1 866 of the cases resulted in a long-lasting injury, while 12 750 suffered a minor personal injury. Compared to a 20-year period of traffic accident statistics in Sweden, the total figure from 2017 is low.

    Why do road traffic accidents occur?

    The reasons of course vary from case to case, but three main reasons why traffic accidents occur have been identified. Firstly, the human factor plays the biggest role by drivers who make mistakes or take unnecessary risks in traffic. unsafe roads and roadside areas, for example, narrow country roads with trees close by are another recurring cause. Furthermore, unsafe vehicles that isn’t equipped with the correct safety systems or tools can make any situation even more risky.

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    See statistics on road traffic accidents in Sweden from the Swedish Transport Agency.