• Tips for effective Stress management – 5 ways to get better at managing stress in a crisis

    18 Februari 2020
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  • How do yu handle unexpected situations, such as accidents or crises at the workplace? Do you keep your head cold when it is needed most? Sudden stress surges can cause even the best leader to tremble. Here are 5 advices for an effective stress management that will keep your organization calm even in the most stressful situations.

    1– Create well-established crisis management plan

    Being well prepared for an upcoming crisis reduces the stress once it occurs. Create a well-established emergency plan that´s regularly updated that clearly states who is doing what in an emergency.

    2 – Practice makes perfect

    In addition to creating an emergency plan, your organization will become more stress-resistant if you practice in advance. Create an action plan, allocate roles and practice regularly. If your organization want help with training or practice, one of our knowledgeable instructors will be happy to help you.

    3 – Learn the different phases of the crisis

    Another tip for an effective stress management is to have an understanding regarding the different phases of a crisis. By being able to differentiate between the phases of a crisis, a good leader can meet each individual with the right meassures.

    4 – Act calmly and confidently

    In a crisis, people turn for help and guidelines from leaders who remains calm and creates confidence. Therefore, it is important as a leader to keep calm, even when all is turned upside down.  A stressed leader will create a stressed group.

    5 – Communicate, communicate, communicate!

    The importance of communication with the affected group must not be underestimated; it is therefore an invaluable tip for effective crisis management. Information creates understanding and reduces worry. In a crisis situation, there is great value in communicating even when nothing new has emerged. This makes it easier for all concerned to focus on their own part in the crisis management.

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    Are you still unsure how to act? Relax, we’ll guide you right. Safe@Works courses goes far beyond just tips for stress management & crisis management. The courses are tailor made according to your organization’s conditions. Discussions, exercises & theory are delivered in a well-balanced form in order to achieve best results. We provide you with the tools to deal with accidents and crises through preventative work, action plans and new routines.

    Among other, this is affected during the courses:

    • What is a leader? How to become a good leader?
    • What is feedback and how do you give it?
    • Debriefing / Defusing – How do we do?
    • Happened, felt, learned! Understanding of our comfort zones, information about FIRO and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

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